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Fish and Game Talkin' Blues
V: Well I was out in my boat tryin' to do a little fishin'
When out of the blue they interrupted my mission
By they I mean two game wardens from the state
Jus lookin' for someone to rehabilitate
The wind was blowin'
The waves were rollin'
I was trollin'
Oh lucky me

V: Now I was sure everything would work out fine
Had my fishin license said I's 5' 9"
With brown hair and hazel eyes
Though the 180 lbs had me kinda undersized
They questioned me
In the third degree
Found me guilty
Oh Shh--.iners

CH: Don't underestimate the men of fish 'n game
Patrolling the waters in the wind and rain
Good intentions
Gotta mention
Justa little bit strange
The men of fish'n game

V: Turns out the boat cushions weren't worth a damn
Would never save a drowning man
An' what was needed a more sophisticated device
A vest by law would save my life
I must confess
Scared to death
What a mess
The slammer I'm thinkin'


V: But you know those boys weren't really that bad
Just gave me a warning and I'm really glad
That Mae West they flipped me to save my hide
Looked 'bout one foot tall, six inches wide
Kinda remote
Fallin' out of a boat
Would keep me afloat
A baby, uh, maybe

C: REPEAT 2X, then end with... The men of fish'n game
The men of fish'n game
Those boys of fish'n game

Short Song Description:
The Fishin' Game Talkin' Blues is about a fisherman having blues over the Fishing Game officials !
Long Song Description:
Story Behind the Song:
The life of every fisherman !
Lyric Credits: Peter Prince
Music Credits: Peter Prince
Producer Credits:
Publisher Credits: King of the Road Music
Performance Credits: Dusty Drake
Label Credits:
Song Length: 4:02
Primary Genre: Country-Traditional
Secondary Genre: Country-Traditional
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later