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Fallin' Out Of Love
Subject: Lyrics to Fallin' out of Love


Falling out of love can break your heart
And the fall can make the teardrops start
But followed closely after
Will come the tears and laughter

Time has a way of playing out its part
You feel the world is crumbling in on you
Lady I know what you're going through
I had a lover leave me
The pain was great believe me

First comes the rain and then the sun shines through
For a while you'll walk a lonely mile
Life won't have much to offer you but then
In a while you'll wear a pretty smile

The pain will disappear, and happiness will live again
So pick up all the pieces of your heart
Put them back together part by part
Yesterday brought sorrow
But love will come tomorrow

Be patient girl you'll love again one day
Your knight in shining armor is on his way
And when he comes give your heart away..

Partial CHORUS
Falling out of love can break your heart
But true love can mend each broken part

Joe H. Pickering Jr. and Andrew Wilson Jr. Co-writers. King of the Road Music and Nashville Sound Music Publishing Co. co-publishers. Artist Roger Eydenberg C 1993
Song Length: 3:21
Primary Genre: Pop-General
Secondary Genre: -