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New City Lake
Hey baby jes lay me down some country soul
Turn on the radio and let 'er roll
We got us a whole lotta lovin to make
Parked in the cab down by New City lake

The moon is bright and shadows r flying along
That DJs playin' our favorite Shania song
This ole boy's got fire running through his veins
Cut to the chase and break these nervous chains

There's always a first time for everything
Tonight could be night I pop this little ring
I been saving ever since that first caress
Put your address right in my GPS

Hey baby jes lay me down some country soul
Play me like a catfish on a Shakespeare pole
Strum me like the banjo in this shuffling band
Let me know I'll be your loving country man

First time ever I saw you wrapped in calico
My heart just took a flip me oh my oh
That's when I knew you were top o the list
Of beautiful lips aching to be kissed

C'mon dahlin' don't go breaking my achin' heart
I'm just good for nothing when we're apart
Let me know you're loving me for cupid's sake
Parked here in the cab down by New City Lake
Song Length: 3:29
Primary Genre: Folk-General
Secondary Genre: -