Freedom Isn't Free

The song "Freedom Isn't Free" in words and music tells the true meaning of patriotism and sacrifice of all heroes who have died, as well as those who live for our country. Just as the Founding Fathers created our living document, the U.S. Constitution will only live by the Grace of God and the willingness of We The People to preserve, protect, and defend our country through our Constitution. We need to ARM ourselves with our dedication to all our Constitution. If we walk away from our Government, we walk away from ourselves. We The People will destroy what our Forefathers created and so many died to preserve. Ben Franklin warned us that We The People have a Republic, if we can keep it! Let's keep it for ourselves, our children, our grandchildren and for all future generations of Americans. Truly, FREEDOM ISN'T FREE !!

The money earned by this songwriter from the digital downloads of the song "Freedom Isn't Free" will be donated to to carry on their work of Voter Freedom at all levels of the American the election process. "We The People", not We The Parties own our elections.

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