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     The first is an article about addiction among artists. The second and third are attempts to bring awareness, educational resources etc.

1. https://addictionresource.com/addiction/drug-abuse-among-artists/

2. AddictionResource.com, attempts to raises awareness on the dangers of addiction and helps young adults stay drug-free ( https://addictionresource.com/)

3. Vaping Daily, who also supports the cause of promoting a healthier lifestyle through education and awareness ( https://vapingdaily.com/health/)

Letter from former President. George H. Bush to me dated June 25, 1999

It has come to my attention I never wrote to thank you for your nice letter and the CD you sent. We thoroughly enjoyed your Cowboy Santa songs and appreciate your sharing them with us.

Please give our best wishes your mother. And, by the way, coming in behind my friend the great Ted Williams is just fine. We Bushes love him too. NOTE The Former President signed a baseball for my late Mom Dorothy Pickering the world's greatest Red Sox Fan. She loved Ted Williams who also signed a personally autographed baseball for her. (The late Bud Leavitt of the Bangor Daily News helped get it for her.) She was thrilled. When I got the baseball from the President via a dear friend, Mom didn't know what to do with the baseball, she twisted up her face and pondered. You see she was almost as strong as a FDR Democrat as she was a life long Red Sox Fan. But, eventually Mom warmed up to the personally addressed autographed baseball from former President George H. Bush. He was a gentle, kind man God rest his soul.


My song a "America will die after this election: was mentioned in the Strait Times of Singapore. Joe Pickering quotes were also included in the article "Independents sticking to their guns !". To read the full article click here.

Musical Match

Now the retiree has two music publishing companies, King of the Road Music and Paul Bunyan Music, that provide him the perfect avenue to share his and other songwriters’ music with the world. Read more here.

Softly Down

The song, "Softly Down" was inspired by the famous plane event known as "The Miracle On The Hudson" and is an honoring of the heroism of Captain "Sully" Sullenberger, who landed Flight 1549 in the Hudson River, January 15, 2009, saving all 155 lives on board. The Hollywood movie “Sully”, directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Tom Hanks, was released September 9, 2016. This latest version of the song, an honest and feeling rendition, is sung by USA Network “Nashville Star’s” first winner and gold record artist, Buddy Jewell. Click here to buy a copy of the some from our buy music page.

The Fish N’ Game Talkin' Blues

Peter Prince who is one of my songwriter's at King of the Road Music wrote a wonderful song called "The Fish N’ Game Talkin' Blues". To read all about it you can access it here. Truly a great article. George Smith writes at the beginning of his blog:

If you love Maine’s outdoors then I have a lot to tell you

Paul Bunyan news article

An article was written by Juliana L’Heureux and fearures the song about Paul Bunyan written by Joe Pickering can be read here.

If you can make it here ! (New York) You can make it anywhere !!!

Well that is just what a sound clip of my song Freedom isn't Free did ! Just click on Freedom isn't free. below for the full song..

It was also included in Our America: A Musical/Visual Tribute to the Fight for Democracy My song plays at 1:45 on Our America: a Musical Tribute to the Fight for Democracy. All these 11 songs where creatively weaved together an played before 500 people at the National Conference of Independents. The Conference was shown on CNN and C-Span.

Freedom isn't free

Great News ! The song Riding on the Wind based on reports from over 100 Radio Stations was the 4th in the Music Reviews' Top 40 Independent Country Song in December of 2014. Michael Torre is the artist singing Riding on the Wind. George La Flame and Michael Torre are the co-writers of this song. In addition, Empty Sky Cd's produced by Rick Carbone was the second record company to release Riding on the Wind on the CD entitled Winter Wonderland featuring Country, inspirational and Christmas songs. Diamondback Records was the first ! Congratulations Michael Torre and George La Flame !!

New YouTube video

Hope everyone will go to my video page and watch and listen for free to my song videos on You Tube. My latest song video is HEROES DON'T COME BACK !
Bob Feller was one of the greatest baseball pitchers of all time, but he was much more than a great baseball player, he was a great American Hero. A few days after Bob Feller had visited his father, who was dying of brain cancer, Bob heard the news of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Almost immediately Bob Feller enlisted in the U.S. Navy, where he became the first major league ball player to join the service. He specifically requested combat service and saw plenty of action, however Bob Feller never thought he was a hero. Once someone called him a hero his famous reply was, "I'm no hero, heroes don't come back!"
Phil Coley, with his soulful voice, gives this song a very special meaning and a tribute to those Heroes who didn't come back. Read the Chorus below. This bonus song is song Number 13 on Baseball Songs Sports Heroes CD 4 which is my fifth CD in the National Baseball Hall of Fame Sound Collection.

Christian Lamitschka of Germany interviewed Joe Pickering in May. This magazine has over 650,000 readers a day. Click on below to read the interview which is printed in German and English. Click here to read the interview.

Don Cookson Director of the Pulse Program on Stephen King's radio station WZON interviewed me Re: my latest CD Baseball Songs Sports Heroes 4 plus my other songs. Here is the mp3 clip for all those who wish to listen! Enjoy!
Click here to listen to the interview.

New album released - Baseball Songs Sports Heroes 4

Do you love songs about life, love and romance? Do you love songs about people who have made a difference in the lives of others including Sports Heroes or Heroes beyond sports? How about songs about idealism and concern for one's country? Some songs will more than touch your heart. Some will make you smile, laugh, or even make you cry because all of them are about life.

This new album is now available for purchase on our Buy Music page.

Riding On The Wind Is Still Riding!!

Longtime friend and the co-writer of Riding on the Wind, George La Flame with Michael Torre emailed me to say that a dj from New Zealand wants more copies of this great song. George also informed me that Riding on the Wind is getting strong air play from Germany. Michael Torre sings the song wonderfully! It really is a great song! Listen for free below.
Watch the YouTube video here.

Softly Down~Miracle on the Hudson~Flight 1549~Colene Walters

The song "Softly Down" was written by BMI songwriter Peter Prince and published by Joe Pickering Jr's King Of The Road Music. There are currently two versions, one by Colene Walters ( "Softly Down" video) and a version by talented Nashville vocalist, Alan Johnson. Both are now available for streaming and/or downloading on CDBaby, Itunes, Amazon, Apple, Spotify etc. The song was inspired by the courage and professionalism of Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger and the event known as "The Miracle on the Hudson." On January 15th, 2009, Flight 1549, leaving from LaGuardia Airport, NYC. to Charlotte,North Carolina with 155 people aboard, was struck by birds, leaving both engines incapacitated. Amazingly Captain Sullenberger guided the plane over the George Washington Bridge and with no other options,landed it in the Hudson River. All 155 aboard survived the ordeal. Sully's calm but firm approach and skill in what was essentially gliding a commercial jet into freezing waters, turned a seasoned airline pilot into a national hero and celebrity.. Read more
Watch the YouTube video here.

Noted Singer/Songwriter joins King of the Road Music label

Peter Prince was raised in Washington Heights in Upper Manhattan. His involvement in music began in the '60's with the "folk boom" ... Read more"

Paul Bunyan Song

The Ballad of Paul Bunyan song played at 2014 Rotary District Conference

Several hundred Rotarians attended the 2014 District Conference in Bangor, Me. Rotarians came from all over Quebec and Maine. My co-written song with Joe Terry and sung by Award winning Artist Danny Mack was played as background music at the District Conference Saturday night gala. With Danny Mack singing the song won the Comedy song of the year in Las Vegas Country Music Association of American Annual Meeting.

Bangor rightly claims Paul Bunyan as a "native son" and a Paul Bunyan Statue stands in front of the Cross Insurance Center where the 2014 Rotary District Conference was held in May. 25 CD's of Joe Pickering's Songs which are in the National Baseball Hall of Fame Sound Collection where donated to the Bangor Rotary Club in a silent auction along with many other donations by others to support a Clean Water Project in Nicaragua.

A Harry Agganis Tribute in the Congressional Record

Sen. Susan M. Collins put in the Harry Agganis Tribute in the U.S. Congressional Record Feb. 24, 2010. The song which Joe Pickering Jr. wrote is included. Here is what the Senator wrote:

Mr. President. There is a mid-winter tradition throughout New England and across my home state of Maine talking baseball. Not just any baseball, of course, but Boston Red Sox baseball.   Read more...

From Baseball Almanac:

"Baseball Songs Sports Heroes was the single best collection of original baseball songs in our library. Great lyrics, great music, and a great collection. Joe & Phil might have hit the ball even further with this set of songs."

About Joe Pickering

"Baseball wasn't a religion in my Mother's and Father's house but my brother and I were only allowed to pray for one Major League baseball team: THE BOSTON RED SOX." -- Joe Pickering, Songwriter

Joe Pickering's songs have played all over the world. The Ballad of Paul Bunyan, co-written with Joe Terry and sung by Danny Mack, won the Country Music Association of America's Comedy Song of the Year Award in 1997, and was recommended for Grammy Award nomination.Reindeer Don't Run Over Grandmas, co-written with Paul Hotchkiss played on the nationwide Dr. Demento Show. Other songs were praised by former President George Bush in a letter to the songwriter.

Not just a Songwriter

I have written many songs about sports which I love. But, I have also written many songs about broader topics such as freedom, war and peace, politics and the internal threats to our American Republic. Some of these songs are Couch Warrior, President Obama Merry Christmas to you, Wall St. Christmas, Heroes Don't Come Back, We honor you, Scattered but not Forgotten,If this Rifle could talk,and This Flag is Mine this Flag is yours among others.

I also like to write about my country and how the American electoral system needs to be opened up so that WE THE PEOPLE can have greater choices.George Washington the father of our nation warned us about political parties in which "a small but artful and enterprising minority" would "put in place of the delegated will of the Nation, the will of a party."

Here is a letter that I wrote to this Presidential Commission. Hope you take the time to read and send your own letter and support our Republic.

Presidential Commission on Election Administration
Commissioners Robert Bauer and Benjamin Ginsberg
GSA, 1776 G Street NW., Washington, DC 20006

Dear Commissioners Bauer and Ginsberg:

Worse than a government shutdown is denying any American the right to vote in barrier free elections. There should be no barriers for any American who wishes to vote. Every American or group of Americans whether independents or party members should be allowed equal time before the President's Commission on Election Commission.

Were independents from Ohio actually required to speak before the Commission as a group and given a total of 3 minutes to testify? I hope that is not true. The fact is independents are 40 % of the electorate. They should have time commensurate with their numbers.

As a registered Republican who believes in a barrier free election system, I can't understand why any American would be treated in this manner particularly those willing to give their time to making suggestions to improve the electoral process. The facts are independents outnumber any party in America or 40 % of the electorate.The concerned Americans who are registered to a party who may want open elections for all may represent as large a group. I hope that the President's Commission will improve the election process and not be the President's Commission on the Preservation of the Parties. With upwards of 126,000,000 Americans not voting in the 2012 Presdential Election, I would think the Commission would believe that constitutes a danger to our Republic and would welcome all the help it can get to make structural changes in our election process.

I was pleased to see both U.S. Representative Mike Michaud and U.S Senator Collins write letters to your Commission. I hope that every one of you will be a Profile in Courage because that is what is needed today more than ever. I leave for your reflection what would have been President Kennedy's last speech. Sadly, he did not live to deliver it but may his thoughts live in your constructive actions. He said in part, “Neither the fanatics nor the faint-hearted are needed. And our duty as a Party is not to our Party alone, but to the nation, and, indeed, to all mankind. Our duty is not merely the preservation of political power but the preservation of peace and freedom.” Had President Kennedy lived, I believe he would have realized that “the times they are a changing” and would have recognized that the parties should be valued participants in the process not the owners of it.

Thank you.
Joe Pickering Jr.
Concerned American (along with millions of others)

Lynn's Fraser Field gets modern facelift for 2014

By Bob Keaney
North Shore Navigators
Lynn, Massachusetts

The new artificial surface being installed this week at Lynn's Fraser Field won't prevent World Series-style "obstruction calls" by umpires, but it will mean no more mud puddles and less rain postponements at the historic 73-year old baseball stadium.

The exciting North Shore Navigators' college-age team and the area's many outstanding schoolboy squads will benefit from the new turf and less problems from fickle New England weather. Read more...

Honored by the Mayor of Lynn, Massachusetts Judith Flanagan Kennedy

The Honorable Judith Flanagan Kennedy the Mayor of Lynn honored Joe Pickering Jr. with a Official Citation in the Mayor's office on May 16th 2013 for his outstanding personality and dedication to sports. The presentation occurred before the showing of the film Excellence to the End a wonderful documentary about the legendary Harry Agganis the Golden Greek The proceeds from the film benefited the work of The Agganis Foundation.

Joe has written songs about Lynn and Lynn sports figures including a song about Harry Agganis the Golden Greek. The song lyrics were inserted into the U.S. Congressional Record by U.S. Senator Susan Collins as part of a marvelous tribute to the Golden Greek.

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